New Pridon album 'Coiling'



At long last Pridon’s new offering ‘Coiling’ comes as a poised, dreamlike land for a deeply evocative, atmospheric listen. A broad mixture of skillfully mangled and loose percussive elements, modified and reconstituted field recordings, and hyaline synth shards co-exist with the sounds of guitars, bass, piano and vocals meeting each other in unexpected, ecstatic and celebratory ways.


released May 7, 2016


Written and produced by Petros Voudouris

Cover design by Ersi Giannoulatou


Ob: guitars (Giorgos Triantafillou)

Skycut: vocals (Tau Pibernat)

Monocerus: vocals (Heidi Stewart)

Sofita: texture synth (Valeria Mavridi)

Hop Lloa: bass runs (Usopp)

Aleviar: guitars (Giorgos Triantafillou), bass runs (Usopp)

Katouki: vocals (Heidi Stewart)


1. Craigs Bst

2. Nightt Shift

3. Ob

4. Warmsev

5. Skycut

6. Monocerus

7. Sofita

8. Human Shields

9. Hop Lloa

10. Aleviar

11. Katouki

12. Aworld Ends

13. Dmanger

14. Amaic